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First Quality Decks Installed in Newtown PA by Hydroscape Inc

Hydroscape Inc designs and builds first quality decks in Newtown PA. We work with homeowners to conceive beautiful decks that will enhance your home's value and enjoyment. It's our mission to develop outdoor living spaces that complement your home and enable your family to enjoy your home to it's full potential

Custom Decks Built in

Adding a beautiful deck to your home can enhance your lifestyle and add to the pleasure of living in Newtown Pennsylvania. As one of the home improvements that will add to your home's resale value, an outdoor deck is a wise investment. It's important to make sure your deck is built with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Newtown Pennsylvania Deck Builder Hydroscape Inc Serves Customers in Bucks Coutny PA

The cost of installing a deck in Newtown Pennsylvania can vary widely depending on the quality of materials used and the competence and experience of the builder. The choices you make today may continue to incur maintenance and replacement fees down the road. Hydroscape Inc takes pride in designing and constructing decks that will last your home in Newtown PA decades, not years. Choosing the right Newtown PA deck builder is an importang part of your decision making process when building a new deck.

Hydroscape Inc Uses The Highest Quality Building Materials

Not all deck building materials are created equally, and not all will stand the test of time equally. Hydroscape Inc is committed to building high quality outdoor decks that will outlast decks built with inferior building materials.

If you compare the cost of a long-lasting deck to the costs of demoloshing, removing, and re-building a deck you'll come to the conclusion that high quality building materials are a worthy investment, allowing you to enjoy your custom installed Newtown PA deck for many years to come.

Selection of Materials for Your New Deck

There are many high quality material options available for building decks in Newtown Pennsylvania, including wood, composite, and aluminum. The best deck building materials for your specific circumstances will come down to the best combination of your budget, maintenance allowance, and personal preferences. Below are some of the highlights of the materials Hydroscape Inc builds decks with in Newtown Pennsylvania.

Natural Wood Deck Building Materials

Natural wood decks are one of the most popular choices among homeowners. They can be beautiful and durable often created to resist decay and insect activity. The down sides to using natural wood to build your deck include price and maintenance.

Square footage can vary from a few dollars per square foot to over $20 per square foot. Regular maintainence is needed to keep your natural wood deck from fading or cracking. Pressure washing and re-sealing will need to be performed every two years.

Pressure Treated Lumber is a Natural Wood Deck Alternative

Pressure treated lumber is usually southern pine that's been permeated with special chemical treatments that allow it to resist rot, insects, and moisture. It's one of the most widely available deck building materials and also one of the least expensive choices. It offers Newtown PA homeowners a way to enjoy the beauty of wood at a more affordable price. Remember, however, to avoid the cheapest pressure treated lumbers. These budget lumbers won't stand the test of time, costing you more money in repairs later on.

It's also important to remember that pressure treated lumber will still require cleaning, staining, and sealing every few years in addition to a yearly pressure washing.

Composite Deck Building Materials

Compisite deck building materials are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for Newtown PA homeowners. Composite decking is created by mixing recycled plastic with wood fibers, creating a highly durable material that is highly resistant to warping, rot, and insects. It's available in a wide arry of options with appearances replicating popular natural wood varieties.

One of the most popular features of composite deck building materials is that they don't require the sealing, staining, and sanding maintenance of natural or pressure treated lumbers.

Plastic Deck Building Materials

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is another popular option for deck building materials. It's pros include it's ease of maintenance and durability. Homeowners can usually keep it looking good with an occasional mop and bucket, rather than a pressure washing. Since it's plastic it is also resistant to moisture, rotting, insects, warping, and cracking. Unfortunately it also gets hot when exposed to direct sunlight, and doesn't look as nice as composite or lumber.

Call Hydroscape Inc to Build Your Deck in Newtown Pennsylvania

Hydroscape Inc's deck building and installation experts will be happy to build your Newtown PA deck. Call Hydroscape Inc at (215) 499-4856 for a fast and courteous response.


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