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The Garden of Reflection, Yardley PA

9/11 changed our lives forever. Before this horrific event, America seemed almost invincible—but this was a terrorist attack, unlike any other our country had experienced. 9/11 was undoubtedly and irrefutably one of the worst and most pivotal moments in American history.

Nearly two decades later, that darkest of days is still a memory that painfully endures, for survivors as well as the rest of the country. 9/11 showed us humanity at both its worst and its best, and the brave actions of ordinary citizens and first responders are forever etched in our minds. And while we can’t bring back the lives of all those we lost, we can keep their memory alive.

The Memorial Garden of Reflection

The 9-11 Memorial Garden of Reflection in Yardley PA, was built in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of that day. After careful consideration, the site chosen for this garden was Memorial Park in historic Bucks County. This peaceful setting in Lower Makefield Township is the perfect place to visit for contemplation, reflection, and remembering.

Donations from the public fund the garden and visitors are asked to donate the sum of $9.11 to help maintain the memorial and the grounds and facilities around it. All of the money collected goes into the Remembrance Fund. The garden itself is run and maintained by volunteers, thus avoiding the expense of paid upkeep. This arrangement allows 100% of the fund to be put toward the maintenance of the memorial.

The Idea Behind the Design

The memorial was conceived and designed by Liuba Lashchyk. The Yardley architect aimed to create a beautiful space that symbolized the hopeful concept that light follows darkness. The design includes a spiraling pathway, moving from somber reminders of heartbreaking loss through to a lighter and more luminous setting. Pennsylvania’s official memorial to those lost on that day also includes a piece of rebar retrieved from the site of the fallen Twin Towers and is featured at the beginning of the path.

Approaching the spiral, you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and serenity. As you make your way along the pathway, you’re reminded of those who lost their lives—the victims’ names are printed on plates attached to a railing. It’s quite sobering to see this stark, visual reminder of the number of people who lost their lives that day. But there are several fountains at the center of the memorial, which are lit from beneath in the evening. This beautiful sight acts as the reminder that you can always find light, even on the darkest day.

This poignant memorial and the sentiments it represents help to demonstrate how people from across the country came together during a horrendous crisis. It will hopefully be a more enduring legacy than the cowardly act that inspired it.

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