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The Vault Brewing Company of Yardley PA

If you’re a beer lover and happen to be around Yardley PA, the Vault Brewing Company is a stop that you won’t want to miss. Just keep a lookout, though, because it’s easy to miss the building. It’s situated in a lovingly-restored building and doesn’t resemble a pub/brewery from the street.

Once you get inside, though, you’ll know you’re in the right place. The owners drew inspiration from what they refer to as a “regal bank” and combined it with industrial elements. The result is a unique blend of old-world and modern that works to create an upscale ambiance.

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If you’re something of a shutterbug, you’re going to love it here. Everything from the vault-like doorway to the vats of beer behind the bar provides some unique photo opportunities. Trust us—there are plenty of architectural design features that you won’t easily find anywhere else. Here are some other reasons to visit:

The Ambience

You’ll notice that there’s a distinctly upscale ambiance to this venue. They tend to play funk or jazz music rather than the latest hits, as the emphasis here is on good food and great conversation. You won’t have to compete with a bunch of noisy clubgoers or TVs here.

The result is an exciting blend of upscale elegance and a more relaxed vibe. The menu is also more upscale – you’re not going to find buffalo wings anywhere here. What you will find are some unusual gastronomic combinations. Which leads to our next point…

The Food

You might not be getting up to dance here, but your taste-buds certainly will. Everything is made in the wood-fired oven, lending a unique taste to even the simplest sandwiches. And yes—the pizzas taste great but consider trying one of their sandwiches if you’re a first-timer.

The kitchen puts its own stamp on every meal that comes out. The chicken sandwich, for example, is a flavor explosion. It’s made on fresh sourdough bread and features bacon, onion, chicken, two kinds of cheese, and a delicious honey-mustard sauce.

The Cuban sandwich is made on ciabatta and contains not only roasted pork, but also chorizo, swiss cheese, and a dill pickle. It’s finished off with an artisanal, locally-produced, stone-ground mustard. The only complaint I had with the menu was choosing what to eat. This would have been a time where having two stomachs would have been useful.

The Beer

I’ve kept the best for last. The beer on tap does change from time to time, but you always get an interesting array of choices. This is not your typical craft brewery where they stick to three or four basic favorites – here you have a selection of eight beers on tap.

You can stick to the Teller American Pilsner if you prefer, but do consider adding a few other beers for something different.

The New Zealand IPA is a blend of tropical elements and dry white wine, and the Hefeweizen is an interesting combination with a sweeter tone. The Pale Ale is a real, honest-to-goodness ale that is served warm and has a more traditional, flatter flavor.

For something a little more substantial, try the Beer Hug. This oatmeal stout is full-bodied and delicious. The Crystal Stout is another one you’ll want to leave room for. It’s slightly bitter and has chocolate notes that make it truly unique.

If you’re feeling slightly jaded by the whole craft beer experience, the Vault will change your mind. It has a truly unique range of beers, and you’ll undoubtedly find something fantastic. So, if you’re looking for a fresh beer experience, with good, old-fashioned service, you’ll love the Vault.

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